Aims and Objectives

The New Zealand Econometric Study Group (NZESG) was established in 1997 with the following goals:
  • to provide regular opportunitites for discussion of econometrics
  • to foster econometric research, particularly student research
  • to build productive links between academic econometricians and others in industry and government

We Welcome New Members and Overseas Participants:

Sponsors of the NZESG

The NZESG requires sponsorship in order to conduct its activities. The money received for this purpose is used to assist graduate students to attend our meetings and to cover costs associated with our meetings, such as venue rentals. We aim to keep the cost to participants to an absolute minimum.

We gratefully acknowledge regular annual sponsorship from the following organisations:

  • The Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • The Economics Department at the University of Auckland
  • The Taxation Economics Group of the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department

NZESG Inaugural Meeting

The Inaugural Meeting of the NZESG was held at O'Rourke Hall, Auckland on February 21-22, 1997. It was a highly successful event and will be repeated annually at a similar time of the year in Auckland. In addition, we hope to hold a second meeting each year, possibly as a pre- or post-conference to the NZAE meetings or the Australasian meetings of the Econometric Society.

For a  report of our inaugural NZESG meeting please click here

On the 21st of October, 1997 NZESG had a second meeting hosted by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, in Wellington.