December, 1997

Elizabeth Dolomont

Elizabeth Dolomont joined the Cowles Foundation as my secretary in 1983. At the time Elizabeth joined me, plans for the Journal Econometric Theory were well under way and Elizabeth soon became an integral part of the project. Since then, Elizabeth has established herself as a vital element in the conduct of our daily business. She has worked tirelessly and with great devotion to ET during these 15 years and has made the running of the journal a pleasure. Even at our busiest moments, Elizabeth always takes the time to be considerate and helpful to others. To me she has been a helpmate and colleague extraordinaire. The smooth running and success of ET is in no small part due to her many efforts.

Peter C.B. Phillips and Elizabeth Dolomont

Elizabeth is well known personally to many of our authors and readers and many of those she has not met have corresponded with her or talked with her on the telephone and are acquainted with her delightfully charming and engaging manner. For myself, working with Elizabeth has been one of the privileges I have been very fortunate to have had at Yale. It is a great understatement to say I will miss her greatly when she retires at the end of this month. 

I take this opportunity to thank Elizabeth now for all she has done to help me in running ET and for her uplifting good spirits as an office companion which have helped to make this enterprise the enjoyable one that it has been for so long.

I am sure that all of you who know Elizabeth will join me in wishing her well in her retirement. Fare thee well! And much happiness and joy in the years to come!

Peter C. B. Phillips
December, 1997

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