Econometric Theory

Journal Overview: ET Coat of Arms


Starting in 1997, the front inside cover of Econometric Theory features the coat of arms shown above. The coat of arms shield is decorated with the familiar ET histogram that has graced the front cover of the Journal since its inception. The shield is bordered on either side by the symbols {Xi}1N and {Xi}1T, representing cross section and time series data and the twin research fields of subi and subt econometrics. The shield ribbon beneath the histogram bears the Latin inscription "Scientia Econometrica Ditat," which translates literally as "Econometric Knowledge Enriches."

The coat of arms will appear on our Journal stationery as well as on the Journal inside cover. It will also be a feature of the ET Award Certificates that the Journal presents annually to ET authors for their cumulative research contributions. On the ET Award Certificates the shield ribbons have a different design and bear inscriptions that are appropriate to the level of the award, specifically, Opera Econometrica Multa/Plura/Plurima Scripsit (literally, he/she has written many/more/most econometric works).

The Shield and ribbons were the Editor's design and were drawn with the assistance of Martha of Beljan Ltd. The Latin inscriptions were the Editor's composition.