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I am delighted to announce the following Econometric Theory Awards for 2017.


Multa Scripsit (2017):
                                   Dennis Kristensen
                                   Ivana Komunjer
                                   Ke-Li Xu

Plura Scripsit (2017):
                                  Qiying Wang
                                  Shiqing Ling
                                  Søren Johansen
There are presently three levels of ET award: Multa Scripsit, Plura Scripsit, and Plurima Scripsit. The awards are made annually using an automated point system based on an author’s cumulative publications in ET.  A description of the award system and a copy of the ET Award Certificate may be viewed on the ET website at

Cambridge University Press joins me in congratulating the recipients of the 2017 ET Awards and thanking them for their sustained contributions to econometric theory.


Peter C. B. Phillips
January 2017